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steps to start export business in India

steps to start export business in India most small businesses are started with inadequate market studies or with none at all. yet a market study is almost the only way to support your income (sales) projections and your marketing plan. The following is a topical outline for a report on …

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how to do global market survey

 how to do global market survey Before you start trying to export, you should know more about the markets in which you want to sell. Through research and analysis you will obtain information to help you develop a market-entry plan including an initial marketing mix. The essential information is market …

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letter of credit meaning

letter of credit meaning Letter of credit are a payment mechanism, especially used global trade. The Seller Gets compensated, not following the Purchaser has inspected the merchandise and accepted them, but if the Seller Presents particular records (typically a charge of lading evidencing dispatch of the merchandise, an Insurance plan for those merchandise, …

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credit insurance

credit insurance two type policy explain here  Service Policy -(SRC) Where Indian businesses conclude contracts with overseas attorneys for supplying them with specialized or specialist services, payments due under the arrangements are offered to risks like those below supply contracts.   What are the various kinds of Services Policy and …

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shipments Comprehensive Risk policy(SCR) in ECGC

what is shipments Comprehensive Risk policy(SCR) in ECGC An exporter whose annual export turnover is more than Rs.5 cr is eligible for this Policy. The risks covered under the Standard Policy. Percentage of Cover: 90%   Exclusions Permitted: Exports to Associates Shipments backed by L/C Risks Covered: *Commercial Risk / …

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list of products exported from india

The choice of product for export is a little complex,a number of factors are to to be considered before launching on export business.its depend upon own background,financial capacity,education.Hence it is not practicable and feasible too to suggest products with export potential for different persons ,firms whether new or established ,small …

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Export of Sample

Export of Sample The overseas buyer generally insist for the sample before placing order,it is essential that the sample are attractive,informative and have retention and reminder value.Hence,samples are invariably send to foreign buyers,but normally when they ask for the same.In the first Instance,negotiations are carried on,product brochures,catalogs,leaflets,photograph or other description …

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what is Benefits for Deemed Exports.

what is Benefits for Deemed Exports. Deemed exports shall be eligible for any/all of the following benefits in respect of manufacture and supply of goods qualifying as deemed exports subject to terms and condition as in HBP. (1) Advance Authorisation /advanced authorisation for annual requirement/DFIA. (2) Refund of Terminal excise …

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India’s Trade Performance

India’s Trade Performance      India’s two way merchandise trade crossed USD 760 billion in 2013-14 or 44 % of the GDP.if services also added so India’s trade reached USD 1 trillion.This has been achieved despite the global contraction and is indicative of India’s resilience and increasing integration with the …

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