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export documentation in India

export documentation in India export documentation in India

• Commercial documents
• Banking documents
• Transportation and insurance documents
• Government formalities documents




Commercial documents are prepared by the buyer and the seller
for each other. The ones to be discussed here are the following.

• Request for quotation
• Quotation
• Pro forma invoice
• Terms and conditions of sale
• Purchase order
• Order acceptance and confirmation
• Sales contract
• Commercial invoice

Buyers and sellers can exchange any number of letters, telephone calls, faxes, and e-mail messages as the initial steps of an international transaction. This will normally lead to a request for quotation. This can be a simple fax or other form of message that reads something like.


A letter of credit sale is somewhat more complex than other forms of international payment. There are documents

1. Letter of credit
2. Advice of letter of credit
3. Drafts (drawn on a bank for payment)


• Packing list
• Delivery instructions to domestic carrier
• Inland bill of lading
• Dock receipt
• Insurance request and insurance certificate
• Shipper’s letter of instructions
• Ocean bill of lading or airway bill
• Booking request
• Arrival notice
• Carrier’s certificate and release order
• Delivery order and freight release


•Import license, foreign exchange authorization
• Export license application, validated license
• Certificate of origin
• Inspection report
• Commercial, special, and consular invoices
• Shipper’s export declaration
• Customs entries


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