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how to do global market survey

how to do global market survey how to do global market survey

Before you start trying to export, you should know more about the markets in which you want to sell. Through research and analysis you will obtain information to help you develop a market-entry plan including an initial marketing mix. The essential information is market characteristics that are relevant to your product. Most market studies begin with published sources, including the Internet. This is called “desk research.” Then they usually go into a second phase, which is “field research.” You can probably do much or all of the desk research yourself, using other market studies and data available on the Internet. The field research is harder.

You may be able to do it yourself but will have to travel to your market country, pay living expenses, and understand the culture well enough to get the information you need. The alternative is to hire a local consultant to do the research for you. If you use a consultant for market research, make sure your objectives and specifications are in writing and are perfectly clear. The final step in research is to turn the information you have obtained into a format that facilitates using it to make marketing decisions. If you do not use research results to make decisions or solve problems, you have probably wasted your money.


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