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How to start import export business

How to start import export business

How to start import export business

 How to start import export business in India,lots of activity involve to starting import export business,Take step by step procedure and must have a knowledge documentation and for international trade rules and regulation not only our country but also importing country.export marketing activity starts right from organizing oneself by way of establishing an export firm or company,its registration with concerned authorities,choosing a product export,identification of overseas markets/customers,export prising quotation,receipt of order,shipping of goods and to realise export sales proceeds as also export assistance and facilities. The first in the foremost questions you as a prospective exporter has to decide is about the kind of business organization needed for the purpose you have to take a critical decision as to whether the business will be run as a sole property concern or a partnership firm or a company. the right selection of organization will depend upon (1) your ability to rise finance (2)your capability to bear the risk (3)your desire to exercise control of the business(4) nature of regulatory Framework applicable to you.

1.Naming the business :

Whatever from the business organisation has been finally decided,naming the business is an essential task for every exporter.the name and style should be soft,attractive,short and meaningful.simple and attractive name indicating the nature of business is ideal.you must be add the world “international” “Overseas” “Global” “Impex” and “Exim” ect. its identify your business model.

2.Trade Name and Logo:

pick up a beautiful trade name and logo which reinforces your company name and creates an image in the minds of persons who will see your letterhead and business cards.

3.Location your firm:

after as possible,you may locate yourselves in a well know business place of your city.If you work Home based,it is OK, but its does not give a good impression on your customers and suppliers.

4.Letter Head:

after the naming,logo and location you should go ahead letter head.envelopes and obtain mobile number,fax,and probably net connection for communication.the information to be given in the letterhead should essentially include. 1.name and address,postal code 2.mobile number ,telephone ,3. email id 4.website address ect.

5. Open Bank account:

Open a current account in the name of you decided the firm,you can open any public sector or private sector bank nearest branch which is authorised to deal in foreign exchange.

6.Shop Registration:

your firm registration under the local law like the shop and establishments of the state/union territory where your firm is located,will render credibility.

7.Permanent Income Tax account Number:

apply to the income tax officer having jurisdication over you or your firm for the allotment of permanent account number(PAN Number),in case you don’t have the same.if you have proprietorship firm so individual person pan card is right,other wise you must have a pan number which is firm name.


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