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export goods worth rs 5 lakh via courier

An exporter can currently ship product value Rs five 100000 through messenger service or post as against the sooner limit of Rs twenty five,000 per consignment, per the commerce ministry. Exporters were demanding revision of the limit of Rs twenty five,000 for messenger shipments to facilitate e-commerce firms use messenger mode for prime price shipments. “The price limit for exports through messenger service/post has been placed at Rs five 100000 and therefore the eligibility criteria for claim underneath MEIS for courier/post exports are hyperbolic to Rs five 100000 per consignment from the sooner Rs twenty five,000 per consignment,” the Directorate-General of Foreign Trade aforementioned.

The notification supplementary that the limitation on the port of exports for messenger shipments for the aim of incentivisation underneath MEIS has been done away. The Federation of Indian Export Organisations aforementioned that the move would facilitate promote overseas shipments of merchandise like jewelry through messenger and post. underneath the merchandise Export from Republic of India theme (MEIS), the govt. provides duty credit certificate to exporters. The rates vary from product to product and therefore the export destination, as envisaged within the foreign national trading policy. Rewards underneath the theme area unit due as proportion of completed free-on-board price and MEIS duty credit certificate is transferred or used for payment of variety of duties together with the fundamental customs.


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