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Indian investors should set up ‘buy-back projects’ in bangladesh for easy connectivity.

     Pointing out that trade figure between the 2 countries have redoubled manifold in recent years, Bangladesh|Bangla Desh|East Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} diplomatist same Indian investors ought to established large-scale “buy-back projects” in Bangladesh for higher property with the Northeast and different neighbor countries. The Asian country diplomatist same such comes, on the lines of US-Canada and US-Mexico, would profit the investors and any boost the trade relations between the 2 countries. “Indian investors will established industries in Asian country as ‘buy-back projects’ and re-export to components of Asian nation and a few different neighbor countries.

The property of Northeast is somewhat disjointed with Indian solid ground. If production units are often established in Asian country, it might give easy accessibility to Northeast,” Asian country diplomatist same. Stressing on a lot of property between the 2 countries, Asian country diplomatist mentioned concerning authorisation of Akhaura to Agartala 18-km railway stretch, which can give the Northeast Asian nation easy accessibility to metropolis port. “Once the railway property is successful , the export materials of entire northeast Asian nation would be able to reach the metropolis port at intervals two-and-half hours. it might become the access purpose of the north-eastern port to the surface world,” Asian country diplomatist noted.

Bangladesh||East Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} diplomatist additionally same Bangladesh has offered 3 exclusive economic zones in Mongla, Bheramara and Mirsarai for Indian investments. On the traffic handled by the ports in FY19, the agency same problems on coal, associated with expected lower demand on account of higher demand-supply position domestically going forward.


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